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the australian grey nomad mystery series

Death Twitch Cover

“Death Twitch” is the debut novel featuring the Mad Professor and the Adventure Doctor – two amateur sleuths who have joined the ranks of Australia’s “grey nomads” and travel around Australia in a snazzy caravan. In “Death Twitch” they get into all sorts of murky situations on a bird watching tour in Cape York, North Queensland, Australia. In the second novel, “Chicken Trance” Steve and Nora find themselves solving a mystery at a Chicken Show in Western Australia’s outback.

Grey nomads are retirees who travel independently and for an extended period of time in their own country, usually in a caravan, motor-home or recreational vehicle (RV). In the US, they are often referred to as “snowbirds”.

I’m currently working on my next novel in the series. In this book, Steve and Nora find themselves on the glorious sunny beaches of Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia. Always on the look out for a side hustle from their research on grey nomads, the dynamic duo get caught up in yet another mystery. Will they solve the murder or will the College Dean force Steve back into the classroom?

Chicken Trance Book Cover

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