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Death Twitch

Australian Grey Nomad Cozy Mystery #1
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Chicken Trance

Australian Grey Nomad Cozy Mystery #2
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Death Twitch CoverChicken Trance Book Cover

Series Info

The Australian Grey Nomad Mystery Series

Death Twitch is the debut novel featuring the Mad Professor and the Adventure Doctor – two amateur sleuths who have joined the ranks of Australia’s “grey nomads” and travel around Australia in a snazzy caravan. In “Death Twitch” they get into all sorts of murky situations on a bird watching tour in Cape York, North Queensland, Australia. In the second novel, Chicken Trance, Steve and Nora find themselves solving a mystery at a Chicken Show in Western Australia’s outback.

Grey nomads are retirees who travel independently and for an extended period of time in their own country, usually in a caravan, motor-home or recreational vehicle (RV). In the US, they are often referred to as “snowbirds”.

I’m currently working on my next novel in the series. In this book, Steve and Nora find themselves on the glorious sunny beaches of Byron Bay in New South Wales, Australia. Always on the look out for a side hustle from their research on grey nomads, the dynamic duo get caught up in yet another mystery. Will they solve the murder or will the College Dean force Steve back into the classroom?

My Story


Life is a collection of short stories which add up to one epic adventure. I’ve had a variety of life and career experiences. Each of these were stories in themselves, but life moves on. The one constant in my life is writing, ever since that day in primary school when I picked up a magic red crayon and scratched out the initials DTB.

In my writing career I have mostly published scientific articles in peer reviewed journals. All pretty boring stuff compared to cozy mystery crime writing. It’s a lot more fun – if you don’t mind the dead bodies and stay semi-detached! Some say I may even be a long lost relative of Bomba the Jungle Boy. This might explain my sense of adventure and fascination with mysteries. For a glimpse of my adventurous past life see this video 

The ideas for my novels come from all sorts of activities: birdwatching, talking to chickens, wrestling with pythons, walking on the beach with dogs – especially past friends Milo and Ascii, and even chores like mowing lawns! But travelling around Australia with my wife in our caravan (yes, we are “grey nomads”) provides an abundant source of inspiration for my writing. The people we meet and the places we stay provide endless material, characters, settings and plots. I wish I could say the novels write themselves. However, there is no shortcut to hard work. Too many ideas and not enough time, the plight of all indie authors. And then there’s social media … that’s another story in itself.

Writing is a journey and not an end point. You have to be in it for the long haul. I try and write books that people will enjoy reading. And yes, there is always room for improvement in anything I do. As a good doctor once said to me, “To err is human. We are all human.”

For paperbacks (and e-books) order online via Amazon Australia here: e-books &paperbacks . However, if you wish to deal direct and support me as an author use the contact form at the end and I will email you my best deals for e-books (only). Thanking you in advance for your support, DTB.

More About My Books

Death Twitch Cover

Death Twitch

An Australian Grey Nomad Mystery #1

A bird lover’s cozy mystery. Twitching in Australia’s Outback turns deadly.

Down Under is a land famous for adventure. But as enterprising research nomads Nora Pinot and Steve Summers discover, even paradise has its downsides. An Outback birdwatching tour to find Australia’s mysterious palm cockatoo turns out to be filled with treachery and murder. Probo is under threat and needs a lifeline. The journey of a lifetime to the tip of Cape York proves to be more than any of the twitchers had bargained on. But for some this truly is the last ride. Trying to untangle the dark web of bird smuggling pushes Nora and Steve to their limits as they scramble to solve the mystery before the tour ends. Did the birds do it or was it all just a big cultural misunderstanding?


Chicken Trance Book Cover

Chicken Trance

An Australian Grey Nomad Mystery #2

Red alert. The chickens are coming to town. A chicken cozy with a dash of Aussie noir. Someone always dies.

Unfortunately Costa, the head judge of the prestigious Oz Chicken Show, has met with foul play. Bless his soul. But who in their right mind would want to kill the grand chicken master? Did the chickens do it? And what about the crazy chicken contestants? They’re certainly an odd bunch, understandable when the stakes are high. After all, there can be only one winner – the super champion – and they all desperately want to be crowned top chook.

Amateur sleuths, Nora Pinot and Steve Summers, find themselves embroiled in the chaos of the wild west. But can Nora solve the mystery in time? Steve’s life depends on it. And what dark little secret has he been hiding all along? A toxic mix of chickens, murder and mayhem make for a thrilling cozy mystery in Outback Australia. Paradise is never what is seems Down Under.

A fun bite sized cozy to be enjoyed with a good cuppa and laughs!

Make gift giving an all year round activity. Brighten-up someone’s day with the gift of a book or two. Buy the books here at Amazon



I loved the twists and turns of the story, and never worked out who was the murderer until the very end of the story. The murders were
committed on a bird watching tour at the “Top End” and the story is so different and very enthralling to the last page. I cannot wait for the next book. I recommend this book to all comers.


Amazon Reader

Witty, fast paced and a really good “who done it”. On top of that it dishes up a great taste of outback Australia and the bush characters in it. Recommend it highly.


This is a great fun read…Great characterisation and pretty well written. Will look forward to whatever else David Bomba comes up with. And for those who don’t know, bulldust is a real thing. (Checked that out with my travelling sister-in-law).


Goodreads Review

An edgy first “whodunnit’ novel for DT Bomba written with humour and the Aussie knack of creating a good story out of the unexpected … Here’s to a big future DT, looking forward to the next book and Steve’s continued adventures with Nora. Highly recommended.


Amazon Review

Just what I needed. Easy going. Not hard-boiled but sunny-side up. Enjoyed the characters and Aussie setting. The mayhem of the Oz Chicken Show made me laugh and I loved the showdown.


Chicken Trance Review

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The long awaited Great Southern Writers Anthology will be launched at The Tea House Books Store in Denmark, 21 May 2022 at 9.30am. Meet the authors and book signing on the day. I will be there to launch the book. Check with Book Store for more details. If you wish to order a copy, use the contact form below – $24.95 plus postage.


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